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Life Energy NMN is a solution to promote healthy aging.


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Life Energy NMN 50g powder (500mg/measuring spoon)

By using the life energy of NMN, you can get significant changes in your well-being.  You can restore yourself to the power of youth by using the Life Energy NMN on a daily basis. - Better sleep quality. - Cellular protection against cardiovascular disease. - DNA repair. - Energization. - Normal nervous system function. - Clearer thinking. - Improved metabolism. - Improving hair growth and skin condition. - Better recovery. - Improved physical endurance. - Cancer prevention. Use is recommended for people over 30 years of age. For your pet over 5 years old. Lactose-free, yeast-free, unsweetened, gluten-free and vegan. Normal price 539,95. NOW 269,95!! 

269.95 €

      There are many NMN products on offer. Unfortunately 99% of the supply does not live up to its promises. The amount of active ingredients is often small and the quality very questionable. The Life Energy of NMN is tested and top high quality. When you want the best, Life Energy NMN is your choice too. We are working only with the top scientific experts, who are working according the GMP standard and we can promise you the best high quality NMN.

      Also coming soon Life Energy NMN Retinol Serum!

      Life Energy NMN Rejuvenating Facial Serum, which promotes skin rejuvenation by introducing the latest anti-aging ingredient, NMN(nicotinomide mononucleotide), and retinol one of the most effective ingredients in skin care, and its effects have long been studied. Retinol makes the skin wonderfully soft, smooth and supple.
      NMN - nicotinomide mononucleotide is one of the major sources of cellular energy in the human body. Recent preclinical studies have confirmed that nicotinamide mononucleotide plays an important role in inhibiting the aging process. NMN is a key regulator of tissue protein levels, and its entry into the skin allows new capillaries to form in the tissue to deliver oxygen and nutrients. It promotes the regeneration of natural moisture factor (NMF), improves the elasticity and glow of the skin, visibly improving its condition.Together, Nmn and retinol make damaged and aged skin firm, moisturized and radiant, and stimulate the skin to produce its own collagen.
      The life energy NMN serum is our new source of youth for your skin.
      There are hundreds of chemicals in the human body every day. For example, water. NMN is a chemically prepared molecule that has not been shown to cause any adverse effects in any animal experiment or long-term human use. The positive effects of NMN and the evidence of its tremendous effectiveness are absolutely exceptional and more satisfied users are coming all the time.